Touchplate Angle Deviation

Hi guys,
I have a primo setup and plan to use a corner touchplate.
I try to do most operations from the LCD because moving my computer out to the garage is a pain.

I currently run it with G38.2 for X Y and Z.

The estlCam Angle deviation feature is super cool - Is there a way to get it to work purely based off of Gcode commands?

I’m willing and able to do the firmware work if that is was is required.

Thanks in advance, let me know if you need any more info!

I work with the touchplate, but I use Estlcam for everything and have another board. It’s great. You can see it work here:

/edit: I don’t think it is possible otherwise, there was a discussion a year or two back.

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You are looking to use a macro to probe and automatically square like XY aligment, correct? The only way I’m familiar to do that is with G68, which I’m pretty sure neither Marlin or GRBL support. Adding that feature would sure make a lot of folks happy, but I’m too dumb to help much with that.