Touch probe settings for jackpot

Hi makers I’m just setting up my jack pot and I’m having a couple of issues
1 how do I set up my probe as my jackpot does not like my Marlan settings in estilcam so I changed it to grbl but know the code for the start end and tool change
2 with my old bbt skc pro board every thing worked fine but with the jackpot I can here the z steeper motors clicking and stalling nothing has changed same type of drivers2209 I’ve cut out the plug in for the power and wired direct adjusted drivers power supply is 6amp ?
Any help would be appreciated thanks

Sorted touch probe should have done more research thanks

Are you still having Z issues?

How many volts?

Make sure you are using the newest config yaml file, I actually turned up the current for the Z steppers at one point. GitHub - V1EngineeringInc/FluidNC_Configs: Configuration and support files for the FluidNC boards typically used and V1 Engineering

Also be sure your speeds are correct (slow down, 15mm/s), as they are a little more relaxed with max speed on the jackpot.

Sorry been at work I will check speed and yaml file when I’m off shift thanks will let you know

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I did as you suggested and all is working fine i am using 4 lead lead screws with a makita router is there a way of stopping it dropping when i turn the board off i could go back to 2 lead lead screws thanks for all your help

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@jonsar13 ,

If you turn the board off, the motors are un-powered and cannot hold their position.

There is a clip-on block that several of us use to keep the Z from falling.Z-Parking blocks.

Before powering down, home the Z axis and put the blocks in then power off.


Is there any specific advantage to this other than my lr3 wouldn’t look like it had too many drinks

The easiest thing to do is “Park” your machine when you are done. I think I have included my park gocde in the instructions. Home Z, home X,Y, then drive Z to bottom. Power off.

Hi Mile i do use those printable holders they work well