Touch plate

Has anyone tried to duplicate the Makers Guide - Triple edge finder,, for the MPCNC. Basically a touch plate to find the corner of a work piece but works with tapered and v bits. I already have the z touch plate but I am thinking of adding x and y but when using tapered/vbits it will not work. I do have an equation to calculate the center of a circle by probing three edges, but I do not know if I can get Marlin to execute the probing and do the math during run time. If someone has tried it or has an alternative suggestion that would be great.

I have used a 1mm end mill to do edge finding for tapered bits then change back and do the z with the tapered bit haven’t tried to get that fancy yet would like to see what you come up with. I only used the 1mm because it was there any straight sided mill would have worked

What are you using to control your machine?

If your controller software offers some kind of macro, you could create a custom homing task.

Home using the X,Y,Z touch plate, then automatically apply the X,Y offsets for your vbit using a G92 command.

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One of the Marlin config files also allows custom programs for the lcd menu.