Touch plate / z issues

OK so I’m troubleshooting my z issues, one motor (side not with rail) moves when I press home on control and repetier, other one doesn’t even try to move until this one is done maxing height, then it goes down and not up.

I’ve tried switching directions on both z motors and still nothing
Both motors work just fine when home isn’t pressed, and they operate as they should with stops.
I also ran M119 and it came back open for both end stops.

Second question, how does the positve and negative get hooked up to the aligator clip for the touch plate, I’ve looked around these forums and the doc site, as well as a few videos and most just show it connecting to the skr or other control board. I have that down, Ryan did a great job with where it goes in the board, just can’t find where the wires connect on the aligator clip, maybe it’s because it doesn’t matter?

Your end stops should be wired to the normally closed terminals, so they open the circuit when the touch the physical stop. I’ve seen weird behavior when I had the Z axis maxed out (and stops would be open) and then I try to hone Z, that makes me think your stop switches are wired normally open.

The touch plate can be on either wire and the clip on the opposite wire, all it does is close the circuit when tip of the tool (with the clip on it) touches the touch plate.

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Ok not sure what’s going on maybe you all can help!

I purchased these from the docs:

I unplugged all the stops and tried flipping the wires (step by step not at the same time) and no matter what I do I get open when running m119

Adding some more info tried everything I can think of with these end stops even adding new ones from the package

I think I may have found the issue can someone confirm that we need all 6 drivers, I only recieved 5 in my package
Image from the site:

Image of my board:

You don’t need all 6 drivers.

Can you show a picture of how you’ve wired up one of your endstops?

I have some info for you, I hope I’m correct…

  • Five drivers are OK
  • ​The two external contacts of the FCs are used for NC wiring
  • Touch plate: I connected the negative to the plate and the positive to the aligator clip, I don’t know if it’s the best way, but it works for me.

Now a few questions, even if they are a bit trivial:

  • What machine are you making?
  • Have you loaded the correct firmware onto the card?
    From the photos you posted I assume you are using an Skr Pro
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Thanks for the help, I figured the problem out and it is in fact because I’m an idiot :wink: I wired the z2 endstop backwards after fixing it the homing works on z now, and you are correct 5 drivers is all it calls for on the shop even!