Touch Plate Wiring

I’m wanting to setup a touch plate for the z-axis and I’m wondering if anyone could provide me with a wiring guide on how to do it, dont want to go blowing another mega up by mistakenly shorting two pins for a second :expressionless:

Signal and ground pin are all you use, set it in the firmware to be normally open and slow down the homing and bump speeds.

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Just to expand a little:

signal of zmin (the ‘s’, not the ‘+’): Goes to your touchplate. Insulate it.

gnd of zmin: Goes to an alligator clip connected to the bit.

That way, your bit will be at the arduino’s ground voltage, and when it touches the plate, the signal will be brought down to ground (the internal pullup is on by default in the firmware configuration).

Test with M119 before doing any homing. When you’re doing the homing, if you don’t have x and y endstops, then just do G28 Z.

After you’ve homed, disconnect the touchplate, so there’s a smaller chance of false alarms.

I think all that’s good advice, but I haven’t done it myself, so if something seems fishy, then verify it first.

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This picture is pretty clear…just as a fore warning…I was running the 400w spindle for a while and I was having issues with the z probe being constantly triggered before it actually touched the touch plate. I know this is from some kind of interference…Ryan has mentioned that it’s potentially the power supply for the spindle…just thought I would mention it in case you run into the same issue…I never solved the issue and stopped using the touch plate.


thanks for all the help!

Got it all working, and my first real test came out great!

Ohhhhh, nice, that is a real test right there.

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Yea, thats what I thought lol.

1mm bit even did a pretty great job, definitely usable!

Sweet! Now make us all some 6 driver ramps boards!

lol, I’ll get right on that when I can get the traces to come out consistently :stuck_out_tongue: