Tools today plans

A bunch of plans from someplace that sells bits (really fancy ones, by the look of it):

I was watching this video from them to find it:



Good find!

I don’t know. Now that I look closer, most of the “free” ones are from vectric, which come in .crv files (for vcarve and aspire). The paid ones are super expensive, and from I also can’t find that maze. That maze is pretty neat.

I found the maze plans. It says “aspire files” so I can only assume it is the crv format… At $100, I’ll take two!!/Wooden-Maze-Aspire-File/p/67509141/category=0

Well I guess we will need to start our own little collection.

I’m looking at this one for a project as soon as I can glean the wood… More likely cherry than walnut though.

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That looks pretty awesome, is there a bananagrams version :).

IIRC Bananagrams doesn’t use a board, but the tiles would be awfully similar to the laser cut ones in that project. You’d need more (144 instead of 100 I think) and of course the letter distribution is different. I’d want to find a really dense wood for them, just to create that extra heft that tells everyone ‘expensive’. :slight_smile: