Toolbox Foam inserts

Hi All, I assembled my MPCNC during lockdown and for a period of 2years didn’t touch it after completing the build. Before abandoning the MPCNC I only did minor small projects, nothing really special. A friend recently asked me to cut a complex shape from MDF and I agreed.

I had to re learn how to use it. :see_no_evil:

That sparked this idea…my toolbox tool holders aren’t doing a great job at keeping my tools organized.




Looks great! What kind of foam are you using?

It’s a very dense foam. Called PAR EVA Foam 30mm thick. I buy them in sheets 1000mm x 500mm x 30mm (they do come in different thicknesses though)


I like it and got me wanting to do some custom foam inserts!

I really like the way this is turning out, but I don’t have a lot of experience working with this material. Anyone have a suggestion as to what end mill will work the best for this?

Look great, did you use toolkaiser ( for the layout?

P.S.: If you want to do wood, you might want to think about lowering the feet, they are really, really tall. :slight_smile:


Mind blown!!! It’s the first time I hear about this (ToolKaiser) I was copying the original layout from Gedoore. Thanks for the Tips…my Z axis is deflecting on harder materials…so that will definitely be my next fix. Thanks

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Someone introduced toolkaiser a few months ago and it also blew me away. It’s ingenious, taking the paper size to measure the tools and the automatic grouping/nesting etc. are incredibly good.

You are welcome. And welcome back to the world of CNC fun! :smiley:

Welcome back!

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Haha, thanks. Enjoying it so much now, can’t imagine why I didn’t use it for that long. :see_no_evil:

This is awesome. Nicely organized!

Does anyone have a source for an appropriate foam in the US that is reasonable cost? The ones I see online get a bit pricey for things labeled for tool inserts. I just completed a project yesterday that I would have loved to protect from sliding around with a custom foam insert in the storage box.

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Awe nice! That’s a lot of work. Let me know what your rates are and where to mail the check!

This just made my day

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I’m not sure of your usage, but as a cheap material, I’ve cut EVA foam for inserts/organization. It cuts easily with a laser. It comes in lot of different forms and thicknesses. The cheapest might be floor pads. You can get 16 sqr ft of 1/2" thick tiles for $10 at Harbor Freight. Kneeling pads, which are usually over 1.5" thick, are often EVA foam as well. I’ve played some with cutting EVA foam with my router. My results were decent, but not “professional.”


@d30n , another option would be to drill holes in your table top to allow the tubes to telescope into the table. This would give you a variable height machine. I’ve seen a couple builds do that on the forum. You get the rigidity at the lowest position and the taller cutting flexibility at the highest position.


Thanks, that’s excellent ideas, it does amaze me with what people come up with here.

I just stack multiple pieces of MDF to raise the spoilboard closer to the gantry.

Yours is quite tall, so not sure how many layers that would take.


now that is a another thing i can use this CNC for, well done.
Great find and that got a bookmark!

thanks for sharing


Looks great nice work.
My initial use was for Eva foam cutting can’t wait to give it a go.

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