Tool organizer

Working on a new workbench setup and am doing some tool storage work. Sort of a side project in the big bench project.

A few more to do but this one turned out well for the wrenches and extensions. Cutting in 3/4" spf plywood, 6mm doc 8mm/s feed, 1/4" single flute bit, with a full depth finishing pass at 10mm/s


Heh. You’re on another forum I’m a member of. Saw your photos over there too. :slight_smile:

Ha, so strange as for whatever reason for the first time yesterday I wondered if there might be people here over there or vice versa.

I’ve heard the cheap foam floor mats from Harbor Freight mill well

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I considered cutting boards but I’d be curious to see how foam does, maybe this is a good way to go backwards in the milling basics and really plow through some foam for the socket tray that was proposing a nearly 4hr cut time…

Ridgid foam may be very well suited for this actually

I’ve thought about using the hard foam board from lowe’s or Home Depot. I know it mills well, but I’m not sure how well it’d hold up over time in a toolbox.

I haven’t tried the hard foam floormats from harbor freight, but that sounds interesting.

And are you using your phone to take a picture of a screenshot?

I’ve seen folks machine and layer foam for tool trays, either manually or via CNC.

Anyone tried the spray-foam tool tray method?

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Perhaps? Ha ha. I’m mostly on here on my phone now since the photo uploads work so well. No need to mess around with other hosting.

I’ve not seen that, pretty neat for an idea. Much faster than what I was planning too. Maybe an idea for the wrenches.


The interface on the browser is just as good as the phone interface. You can upload images direct from the browser and it works really well too.

Sorry. Not trying to derail your thread. :slight_smile:

Consider it me fighting back against technology while being on a forum for 3d printing and cnc online.


Here’s the second tray. It turned out great, I tried a couple of different pocket options. Linear cut nearly 2hrs from the job vs parallel so linear it was. Same setup as before, 12mm doc, just under 2hrs cutting time.