Tool bit organiser

To my shame and niggling irritation this has been my storage of all the router bits I’ve accumulated so far.


I know, I know.

But with the arrival of an exciting delivery from across the seas I’ve now got some of proper bits to store and this won’t do at all.

Quick sketch in fusion, dxf into estlcam and to the LR3

~twelve minutes later~


The material is 2 pieces of 5mm foam board (either styrene or PVC, not really sure)

It’s not totally right; I skipped zeroing Z after my last job so the base, which should have had 3mm pockets in the 5mm material, cut right through but it still works. The spacing is big so I can put labels beside the bits. I’ll see if I feel the need, I’m okay with it as is so far.

Not the biggest or most creative project you’ll ever see but it’s a little QOL improvement.


It is the little quick projects that are extremely rewarding to me. I love it. You might have inspired me to make one of my own.

When I built my workbench earlier this year, I only owned like 3 or 4 router bits. I didn’t know what size or how many router bits I would end up with, so I designed my router bit storage to hopefully serve me for the long term with both 1/4" and 1/2" shank holes.

I do not have a CNC though, so I had the pleasure of laying it out by hand and making it with the drill press…

I guess I’ll have to go back and add some 1/8" endmill support when my CNC is built…


That’s really smart I like that stacked holes idea.

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I honestly didn’t know if I was going to like it when I did it, but now I’m glad I did because it lets me move everything around freely with different head sizes on the bits, etc.

At the time, I almost added 1/8" holes too for Dremel bits but I convinced myself I wasn’t going to need it.

I guess I’ll go back and add like this:

in all the openings between.

(I only filled in half the spaces because Fusion 360 complained that I had too many pattern instances and it almost crashed…)