Too many parts...what to do?

Well, I’ve only printed a few things on the repeat so far, but it looks like it should be reliable from here out.

That leaves my old ender (which used to carry a diode), the diy printer (from an a8 kit, requires an overhaul), and some spare parts. The diy uses an archim2, which I might have to commandeer for the upcoming LR3, but the rest of the parts for that are coming from my primo, which can trade it’s Rambo to the cause.

So now I have a decision. Rebuild the Ender? Build a MP3DP bedslinger? Do I have enough parts to do both? Maybe it’s time to try again for the zenxy? Or is there something else out there pretty cool?

It only took me a year and a week to build that repeat (I checked my thread, lol).

Never mind the trash in the diy. Sooo many failed prints I just got tired of walking over to the trash can.

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You could always slap together a DIY enclosure for the ender and start testing the waters with engineering grade materials. That’s what I did with my old ender to print my first Voron parts out of ASA.

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I had intended to enclose the repeat for that, hence the mosquito, but I ended up wanting to save some footprint for at least a little while. Seems like a smaller printer might be a better idea anyway.

An indoor penplotter!

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Or maybe a dedicated rotary? I could really use one of those.