TMC2130 sensorless homing as dual endstops

Just a theoretical: would the current Marlin dual endstop support work in combination with TMC2130 stallguard / sensorless homing?

Normally, for sensorless homing you would connect the DIAG1 of your TMC2130 to the corresponding endstops (S pin). Would the changes introduced to Marlin to support dual endstops work with this setup as well? Or would this require additional firmware changes?

Would this be something to play around with? Have some TMC2130’s on the way. Or is this just a bad idea? One potential problem I’m thinking of is tuning the homing sensitivity variables: might be difficult/impossible to differentiate between hitting the end of your axis and digging into your material.


P.S. new here on the forum, love the project. Awesome work Ryan!

Your welcome!

I am sure some more minor changes would be required but in theory they would work no problem. I have no info about accuracy or any actual experience with them. They don’t handle as much power as the current drivers so I never bothered with all the complicated firmware setup. They still haven’t seem to be finalized in the firmware yet either there are still constant updates so you might want to hold off until they stabilize a bit.

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