TMC Connection Error

I got everything up and plugged in. I have flipped the extender cables and i am still getting a TMC error. When I finally got reptier-host to work this is the response it sends for the motors.

Here is an updated picture of the board. Can i just splice the power supply i to the motor power section? I think this is my issue!

Yes it’s seems to be the issue, you need to bridge your power supply to MOTOR POW + and -


Thank you. This is exactly what ao needed to do. I now have a new problem but i think the SKR board i got has the MPCNC firmware glashed instead of the LR3 as it has 2 x’s, 2-y’s and one Z.

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fortunately flashing the SKR board is super simple. Just get the right one from the Marlinbuilder releases page and put the firmware.bin on an SD card, put it in the SKR Pro, and power it on. (Then remove the card from the board, it seems to cause issues if you leave a card in there sometimes.)

I flashed and it worked great. Cant figure out how to set the z to zero to do the crown test. The automatic default for z height is 200 and no matter whatvive tried i cant figure it out. Need to get back to colleg so try again throughout the week.

G92 Z0 will set it to zero.

The premade test crown gcode has that at the top.

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I am not doing this from estlcam but trying to do this from the board itself. I thought there was way to re-zero once it was done. I may have to try it this way. I homed everything today and it worked great but when I went to print the test crown, that I did in estlcam it crashed into the z motor and was just grinding. Think I missed something as I think the only play for the LR3 is 80mm and it is default set up at 200. Thank you for the info Jeff.

The homes Z location is 200, which is wrong, but it doesn’t matter. The top endstops aren’t going to be useful for setting Z (just squaring). You want to set Z to zero another way. From the screen, you can put some gcode in a file and run it. There should also be something like “set home offsets” in there (it has been a while for me).

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I will have to peruse around. Thank you again Jeff. If you happen to find this information out, please let me know as I would be greatly appreciative!