Time to start building!

Finally am ready to begin building. Though I think I lost a part somewhere - see if you can spot the odd one out :slight_smile:


Took me about 45 seconds…I am used to staring at the pile and making sure nothing is missing. I don’t want to give it away.

Looks like you are going to try some interesting things with that pi sitting there.

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That’s what Ryan says when he can’t figure it out. It’s the top corner piece. I don’t know what it’s called. Thanks for the esteem boost :).

Nice looking parts. A lot of people would have gotten the rest of the machine assembled before figuring out that piece is missing. You’re probably like me, sorting the border pieces out before working on a puzzle. Or keeping Lego bags separate, as though they had some kind of order in the first place.


@Jeffeb3: Wait, you’re saying there is no order to the Lego bags?!?

@David: That’s gonna look real nice. What’cha got next to the bearing sleeves? Look like a little red plastic thing with a bag wrapped in the middle? Also regarding missing, I assume you have a threaded rod to stepper coupler hiding in there somewhere?

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[quote="jeffeb3,post:3,topic:6953"] It’s the top corner piece. I don’t know what it’s called. Thanks for the esteem boost :). [/quote]
That's it... I found the missing piece in the shadows under my desk. I had a few failed prints due to printer woes and thought I had miscounted when I was checking off the completed parts.

@Mike the red plastic thing has the coupler inside (I guess to keep it from being damaged during shipping?)

Next step is to finally decide the size of the table. We have a local maker fair (MakerX - http://makerx.org/) in April so I’m hoping to have it working by then so it has to fit in the back of an SUV.


The little red thing is a wire protector for when you pull the wires through the conduit. I had a 100 of them and wasn’t super stoked so I just included them until they ran out.

You are pretty near Goshen, you should really try to make it to MRRF. There are some of the coolest things I have ever seen RepRap related there.

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Thanks for reminding me about that. I missed it last year. It’s now on my calendar!

I cut an MDF sheet to 4x4 for the table - now that I look at it it’s larger than I expected… I think I might drop it down to 3x3.