Threaded Rod & Bearing Fit Issue

The threaded rod fit into the bearing for the z axis is REALLY tight. I have not forced it yet, but in order to get the bearing on the threaded rod I am certainly going to have to use a mallet or whatever. Even then I am not certain it will work out. This is the threaded rod and bearing I bought in the kit from V1.

Any suggestions? Or am I missing something obvious. I have check with other 608 bearings I have and it’s the same issue.

Thanks! Bill

Is it the right sized rod? 8mm should have some slack. Could be a burr on the rod as well.

Yes it is the right sized rod - it is the threaded rod and bearing that came with the kit ordered from V1. No burrs. Edges on the rod a smooth.

Any suggestions?


If you are having a hard time getting the lead screw through the bearing, lightly sand or file the top 25mm (1″) or so of the lead screw. It can be a tight fit.

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Got it! Thanks Ryan!

That worked fine!