Thoughts on Cubiio (Portable CNC on Kickstarter)

Thoughts? Not buying one, like the idea of a compact portable CNC, many limitations, but could see this being ok for CNC engraving, or Laser cutting/engraving.

$1900 retail + buy your own router. Seems spendy, yet people out there are excited by the idea/marketing. Not much Z, needs to ride/rest on stock (kinda like Maslow I guess). Will need a really good Vac system to avoid riding over chips? More info on

Wonder if it’ll have the same issues the Maslow has?

I watched the video. Don’t know what gotcha’s the end result may have, but they will get backers.

The maslow had some accuracy trouble when one of the cables was short. This one has 4 cables, so maybe it will be better?

It doesn’t look like it is worth nearly $1900 to me. Because it is going to use so much non standard software, the key is in the quality of the software. If it is good, maybe it is worth it.

It looks like it is competing with the shaper origin more than the traditional cnc. But the shaper origin uses a ton of software.

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Having a Maslow, I would not be interested in one of these units. I want one that does not ride on the surface or rely on gravity as those each present their own set of issues. If this has 4 motors, that would be much better in the trouble spots for accuracy of maslow and likely dramatically increase speed, but the surface riding is still a showstopper for me at the moment.

There is another setup preview on facebook “supposedly” for the same price called Henri. It looks like a vertical lowrider, which is of interest from a space vantage point.

It reminded more of Goliath but without the horrible propulsion system and less than half the price tag.

It could be a great form factor for people producing lots of things. Seems like it would need some sort of collision sensors like a roomba in case a piece popped up, and I wonder how small of a piece it can work with. All day yesterday I was cutting tiny odd shape scrap pieces so I would not waste any of the full sheets I have of the HDPE.

I really need to offer a premium priced CNC, people seem to be willing to pay it.

I’d like some XZ plates made of solid titanium and real gold crowns for my frog. My wife said no. Meh.

Being serious: What would a premium priced CNC include that you can’t do now? Professionally manufactured plastic parts instead of printed? Ballscrews? Those motors that the guy in the Neat-video had that I linked? So many options, but so many that are not really needed? Maybe. :smiley:

At this point I think it will just be a 99% assembled 1/4 sheet LR3. My time is very premium.

True. I wish more people understood that. Shipping will be interesting for an assembled LR. :slight_smile:

I keep getting ready to try it, but something always comes up. I think if I pulled out the 6 side plates screws, I could pack it up very safely and keep shipping within reason in the US.


What would you estimate additional time would be for assembly and packaging of an RTR LR3 system? I have found packaging to be a rather interesting challenge at times and I often way underestimate the time for a good package design or pack. I would imagine the price would easily be double+ part list price on the web site just to cover that, so I’m curious where that would place it in the market.

Packaging is Ryan’s kryptonite. :rofl:

Maybe there would be a market for pre-assembled assemblies.

I’m building a Primo right now for fun but there are a lot of people that just want to get cutting.

If you could ship a unit with the trucks, core, and legs pre-assembled and wired. Pipes cut, and a pre-configured board, etc . Configure it for a 2x4 table and have the buyer source a project board from their local home depot. All they would have to do is screw the legs down and fish some wires and they could be cutting in maybe 2 hours.

Hire a high school kid to do the assemblies for you and pay him $50-$75 per unit, have him do the packing for you too. Figure you are saving someone 10 hours of labor so that’s worth probably $300-$500.

Of course dealing with turn key buyers ups the support expectations.