This ok for a workbench?

Figure there’s plenty of people here who know better than I do.


I’m planning on building something similar. So don’t think it will be horrible.

Is that 1x material or 2x?

My bench was pretty similar. I used 2x material.

2x4. I’ve seen them done with and without extra support for the torsion box, that’s really what I was concerned with.

Wish 1x4 would work, price of lumber’s crazy.

@PeteB this is also similar to my construction. It creates an extremely solid table.

I would recommend squaring the top edge of the upper 2x4s with a jointer or table saw to improve the final flatness. I didn’t think to do that on mine and I had some variation. Fortunately I designed mine with a drop table so I was able to easily correct that.


Thats about 5k in lumber right there :rofl:


That was last weeks prices. Probably much more this week.


That’s why I keep putting in off.

It will work well, but it is probably more than you need… if you are looking for a cheaper option have you checked this one out

I made the torsion box portion of mine with 1X3, and it’s plenty solid.

The biggest issue for me is that getting un-warped lumber is nearly impossible. I got the best I could find, but even transporting it and leaving it for 24 hours, it warped because of a change in temperature/humidity between the store and the house.

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That’s why I used MDF for my torsion box. Downside is it’s very heavy.

I’ve heard some have issues with MDF not lasting over time. I’ll have to figure something out if mine ever starts to crumble.

Heavy is good.

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Not when you have to ask your wife to help you lift it.

Now it’s on wheels :slight_smile:

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Wheels are good!


Only things not on wheels in my shop are the knee mill and the miter saw. One because I can easily pick it up, and one because it takes a gantry to move it.

edit: oh… and the bandsaw. But it’s easy enough to move with a dolly.

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Wouldn’t applying wood stabilizer as well as paint keep moisture out of the MDF?

Just paint should be fine, but paint does scratch. You won’t be able to build a boat with just pdf and paint, but it should be fine in a dry garage.

I applied a coat of primer to the base of my Primo. I applied a coat of lacquer to the torsion box of my table, but nothing to the supports and legs, or the drawer yet. I’m torn on those, because it’s not very nice wood, but hte birch plywood of the drawer does look nice on the finished face.

Wouldn’t worry about the legs too much. All my shop furniture plywood just got a couple coats of clear acrylic. My lowrider legs are made out of 2X6 material and I didn’t bother covering them at all. The new stand I made for my table saw is made out of 2X4 stud material, also not coated with anything.