Things you have made posts

This forum will be used to populate the gallery. So here are a few things that can make it easier for us.

1-One project per topic. Instead of posting all your projects in one topic start a new thread for each project, no matter how small. Only one picture can be tagged for the gallery so to tag more pictures we need more posts, don’t make me pic one from a list of cool things.

2-Pictures, the more the merrier!

3-What Machine? If it is not obvious from a picture, let us know if it was a LR, MPCNC, MP3DP, Zen…so we can sort it properly.


I don’t think I know where this gallery is

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The new gallery is a page of tags. If you click in the hamburger menu (the three lines in the upper right) and click on tags, there are gallery tags there. One for mpcnc and one for low rider.

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It will be linked in the main menu’s if we work out all the bugs.