Thingiverse Parts

Hi Ryan

I notice there are Lowrider parts available on Thingiverse from a user Allted, are these anything to do with you.

Also, the Amazon links to parts don’t work or are not valid in the UK. I notice there is no mention of the printed parts in the BOM’s I’ve found here. Reading through the information concerning the LR it states, say, (paraphrasing) …this is for one bit not the total. Is there a definitive break down of specific parts against titles anywhere eg 15 x Inner Leg Braces or whatever

Lastly, is there an assembly and setup guides anywhere?

Thanks again


Allted IS Ryan. The “Allted” things on thingiverse are all official AFAIK.


Assembly/Setup guides are the pages accessible from the main v1engineering menu Home/LowRider CNC/1 - 5