Thermistor advice

Hey, I’m sourcing for making one or more MP3DP units. I’m planning for 310mm x 310mm.

I’m aiming to have silicone heater(s) for the bed(s), specifically 110v heater(s). First one of them is 300w, and I’m also looking at potential second one, at 750w. So I’m also needing thermistors. I am seeking advice in three areas: which type of thermistor to get, how long the lead wires need to be, and what type of connectors for attaching to BTT boards.

Type: Is “NTC 100K” OK for this?

Length: I seem to have choices between 1 meter and 1.5 meters. Sometimes 2 meters. Seems like 1 meter would be OK. Am I right on that?

Connectors: I seem to have two choices, “XH2.54” terminal and “Dupont” terminal. Which would be best for BTT boards?

NTC100k thermistors should be fine for reporting bed temps. These ought to be fine for bed temperature ranges, and are similar to the ones that will come with the commercial heated beds.

These do come with variances in values. Marlin has lookup tables with these variables, but at heated bed temperatures, the variance is reasonably low.

Given the questions…

  1. Type: perfect. NTC100k is exactly it.

  2. Length: 1M is fine, particularly for the bed, which doesn’t need to move as much as rhe print head.

  3. Connector: DuPont will definitely work, I think the XH2.54 will lock into the connectors on the SKR boards more securely.

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@SupraGuy Thank you! Wonderfully helpful!

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