The problem with old wood,

is it’s not uniform in thickness at all! Milling out some oooooooooold barn wood. Making another sign for the shop, and screwing around with the lowrider.

Doing 1mm depth per pass. That was the first cut under the end mill for this letter. Looks like it’s closer to 2mm. Had one a few minutes ago almost 4mm! Was a little worried on that one.
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Hoping the finish pass will clean up all the threads. Going to have to do another pass on a couple parts, didn’t cut deep enough, I thought 4mm would be enough, I was wrong…

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This stuff is wicked hard on the end mills. Basically wore it out. Wood was horse stall siding at one time I think, so it’s full of dirt.

I heard petrified horse poop, is stronger than Carbon Fiber.

Is that what he’s engraving on it?

– things my grandpa used to say.

Lance Armstrong’s real secret.

That kind of wood around here sells for so much money. Berkley is full of reclaimed/recycled building materials that used to be cheap. Now They cost more than new for the most part.

I’ve noticed Californians pay too much for everything…

It’s because ‘reclaimed’ is the new fad. Used to be, you could get a truck full of reclaimed lumber, mill it down, and make something nice.

Now there’s too many soccer moms buying little chunks of it to make spice racks.

Pallets were the same way.

Our local home depot sells fake reclaimed wood, it is hilarious.