The never ending prints!

Hi all! Got my box in from Ryan and I’m stoked to get going .Currently have a MK3 and a CR10 going non stop on the print list. Man, it’s like waiting for Christmas as a kid! Lol

I want to thank Ryan for actually shipping up to me in Alaska and not killing me with shipping charges. That’s awesome man! I wish more venders would follow your example.

I’m excited to join the group!

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What are your thoughts on the CR-10 and Mk3? What are you finding to be a better printer overall?

There really is no comparison. The only advantage the cr10 has is the build volume. Quality, accuracy, speed, ease of use, and everything else the MK3 wins hands down. It is well worth the extra money. Also I’ve probably spent enough money on upgrades for the cr10 that it actually ended up costing more than the mk3.


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That’s good to know and what I figured. I had an order on a MK3 but had to cancel it. So far I’ve been getting by but soon enough its on my high priced items to purchase list.


Will have to look at what my next bonus brings in, or sell some creations to get one.


I know that feeling, everytime I make a new part or project it is like day one all over again, I just sit and stare at the printer waiting.

Woo! Another one in AK! Man, I remember that style window. Had to run around the house and push them all the way closed every fall because the frames would tweak out of square. :lol:

Where in alaska are you located? I’m on the Keanai Peninsula

I’m not anymore. I was in North Pole for 17-ish years though. Moved back to the lower 48 about 9 years ago. I miss mountains…

so close, yet so far away…

Have to get my table built before moving futher