The monster Ryan has created....

Working with the V1 toys has made me so confident with these little computers that I’m now playing with this (though can’t yet say I know what to do with each part…).

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I have a few boxes of random stuff, and I am always getting more!

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Question for those “in the know” on CNC Shield…

The instructions say if I want to use default endstops to jumper as shown on the left. But my shield doesn’t have three pins. Do I jumper the two (so that I can use endstops and not shred my camera slider by trying to run off the end)? I assume that this is an older version shield that doesn’t have the active high option.

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Since you’ve come into my life Ryan I went from just two DF Beetles for a super simple little project I was working on to two miniRambos (three if you count the Ender - if that’s what’s in there), a Rambo, two Pi’s and now three Unos. And you know when we “met”…

But I say all that with gratitude!

(And I’ve caught wind that I could put a Pi or an Arduino into service on our sailboat for GPS and nav use…)

Have you seen the solar powered robots that use a pi and navigated across the pacific ocean?

Don’t jumper the ones labelled estop. That would stop it. Don’t worry about active high. Your camera slider will be fine with active low. In software, you can change whether a short to ground or an open means triggered. So you can still wire the endstops NC or NO. FWIW, Marlin boards don’t support active high (not sure why you would want that).

Also, you should adjust the current on the drivers to be low, to save energy. But will also mean you won’t be shredding anything. It will just be noisy if you mess it up. I would start with less than 0.4V. As a reference, the MPCNC RAMPS gets set at 0.7V.

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I need to dig through my box of power bricks and see if I can find a suitable power supply but will definitely set the pots. Had some flashing issues sadly. I’ll dig into it as best I can. May need to go to the Arduino forum. Most of the errors seemed to be surrounding ‘setPulsesPerSecond’ was not declared in this scope. Does that mean anything to general CNC?

Don’t go by quantity. Always look at the first error. Often, the first problem causes others. Something like, File not found, could easily cause missing functions.

Feel free to post the stuff here and I will help if I can.

I feel like I should read this through again before posting. I only see like six lines at a time in Arduino and now seeing it all laid out looks like a lot of repeat stuff in here. I’m just picking the kids up and then it’s ballet time. I’ll look at this while the dancers dance :slight_smile:

I’m using an Arduino Uno with CNC shield 3.0 and 8825 Stepper Drivers. Other than the board selection I’ve made in Arduino though I don’t think this is hardware related…I’m just trying to verify the sketch and getting the error below.

/var/folders/2d/0b58mqnx2ybfqvbnj50b57yr0000gn/T/arduino_modified_sketch_626896/DFMoco.pde: In function ‘void setup()’:
DFMoco:573:31: error: ‘setPulsesPerSecond’ was not declared in this scope
setPulsesPerSecond(i, 5000);
DFMoco:647:20: error: ‘sendMessage’ was not declared in this scope
sendMessage(MSG_HI, 0);
/var/folders/2d/0b58mqnx2ybfqvbnj50b57yr0000gn/T/arduino_modified_sketch_626896/DFMoco.pde: In function ‘void loop()’:
DFMoco:873:29: error: ‘updateMotorVelocities’ was not declared in this scope
DFMoco:875:26: error: ‘processSerialCommand’ was not declared in this scope
DFMoco:887:23: error: ‘nextMessage’ was not declared in this scope
DFMoco:901:28: error: ‘sendMessage’ was not declared in this scope
sendMessage(MSG_MP, i);
/var/folders/2d/0b58mqnx2ybfqvbnj50b57yr0000gn/T/arduino_modified_sketch_626896/DFMoco.pde: In function ‘void updateMotorVelocities()’:
DFMoco:922:14: error: ‘hardStop’ was not declared in this scope
/var/folders/2d/0b58mqnx2ybfqvbnj50b57yr0000gn/T/arduino_modified_sketch_626896/DFMoco.pde: In function ‘void setupMotorMove(int, int32_t)’:
DFMoco:1005:50: error: ‘calculatePointToPoint’ was not declared in this scope
calculatePointToPoint(motorIndex, destination);
/var/folders/2d/0b58mqnx2ybfqvbnj50b57yr0000gn/T/arduino_modified_sketch_626896/DFMoco.pde: In function ‘void hardStop()’:
DFMoco:1017:16: error: ‘stopMotor’ was not declared in this scope
/var/folders/2d/0b58mqnx2ybfqvbnj50b57yr0000gn/T/arduino_modified_sketch_626896/DFMoco.pde: In function ‘void processGoPosition(int, int32_t)’:
DFMoco:1078:31: error: ‘sendMessage’ was not declared in this scope
sendMessage(MSG_MM, motorIndex);
DFMoco:1082:31: error: ‘sendMessage’ was not declared in this scope
sendMessage(MSG_MP, motorIndex);
/var/folders/2d/0b58mqnx2ybfqvbnj50b57yr0000gn/T/arduino_modified_sketch_626896/DFMoco.pde: In function ‘void processSerialCommand()’:
DFMoco:1306:28: error: ‘sendMessage’ was not declared in this scope
sendMessage(MSG_HI, 0);
DFMoco:1404:142: error: ‘setupBlur’ was not declared in this scope
setupBlur(motor, userCmd.args[0], userCmd.args[1], userCmd.args[offset + 1], userCmd.args[offset + 2], userCmd.args[offset + 3]);
DFMoco:1445:62: error: ‘jogMotor’ was not declared in this scope
if (jogMotor(motor, userCmd.args[1], &destination))
DFMoco:1460:45: error: ‘inchMotor’ was not declared in this scope
inchMotor(motor, userCmd.args[1]);
/var/folders/2d/0b58mqnx2ybfqvbnj50b57yr0000gn/T/arduino_modified_sketch_626896/DFMoco.pde: In function ‘void sendMessage(byte, byte)’:
DFMoco:1497:19: error: ‘nextMessage’ was not declared in this scope
exit status 1
‘setPulsesPerSecond’ was not declared in this scope

Can you give us a quick diff between your code and Ryan’s normal build?

This is grbl, not Marlin, right?

Are you following these steps?

Grbl is a little weird in that you load it as a library and then the sketch you load is really lightweight. IIRC, I loaded the library and then selected an included example, but that’s about a year ago now.

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Ryan’s works. This one doesn’t? Hahaha. For me anyway.

The only differences I know are that the the sketch isn’t a Zip or anything I was familiar with. It was a .pc-something file type? Or .pd-something? I’ll check when I get back to me desk. I also don’t see any tabs for configuration like I’m accustomed to seeing with Ryan’s stuff. Which is what struck me when pasting the errors here…it appears to be referencing a directory structure which I cannot see on my hard drive.

This has worked for many others according to the Arduino forum thread. This error I’m getting hasn’t been mentioned elsewhere - I’m just special. Or missing something obvious I should know.

Nope! Thanks! I was doing it the V1 way. I’ll dig into that this eve.

It’s a .pde file.

Reading through the grbl info now…look at me learning again/still/some more! : )


grbl kept wanting to auto-correct to grill…now I need to BBQ something…

Where did you get the .pde? You might just need the grbl library first.

The software ships with it. (That had me quite perplexed. I looked all over online for it not realizing that I had it on my hard drive all these years). It’s attached if you want to have a look at it. (12.7 KB)

Oh, that’s not grbl. Don’t follow those instructions I sent. This looks like it’s another thing (maybe specifically for cameras?).

That file opened fine for me in the arduino IDE, and I didn’t need to install any libraries to compile it (I don’t have an uno handy to try uploading it).

You mean it just automatically verified? No errors?

Yep. I opened arduino, file -> open, choose DFMoco.pde, then I chose the arduino Genuino/Uno for the board (is that right?) and it verified.

You could try unzipping it again. The function you’re missing is in that file.

You could also try renaming it to .ino.

I suspect the issue then are the few (seemingly) minor changes the forum advised needed to be made to the sketch. One was to enable a pin and the second was to define the step and dir pins.

It’s here:

To save you the reading - Post #5 (page 1) outlines the changes that need to be made (the link it references is sadly dead).

In post #10 (page 1) the user has uploaded the modified sketch which I then restarted with based on the advice found in post #39 (page 3), making the changes required. I’m at my desk right now (Arduino is on my laptop upstairs). I’m going to go up and try just compiling the sketch from post 10 without any change as well as the original form the Mfr.