"The long game" - MP3DP - Clarksburg, WV, USA

I’m not in an all-fired hurry on this. Just having some fun, squeezing in some work every now and then on it, and slowly gathering the remaining materials and hardware, as time and budget allows.

Planning on building two of the MP3DP’s at 300x300x300 and also hoping to convert my Ender Extender 400XL from a bed slinger into a coreXY printer. Also, I have a Voron 2.4 kit to build at some point.

I looked over my scraps of 1/2" HDPE sheets left over from a client-paid CNC job, and saw that I have enough for enclosure panels for the two 300 cubed units. At first I made the mistake of trying to cut using the same feeds and speeds as back when I first did the cuts for the paying client. That was actually my very first real CNC cut job, and I was a total newbie. As soon as I saw the poor cut quality I remembered the trouble I had before. So then I did what I should have from the start: I ran the numbers through GWizard Calculator, and got much better feed rate for cutting HDPE. Main problem from the first job I had, was the speeds were too low, way too conservative. That lets the bit rub instead of cutting, which heats up the bit and the HDPE plastic, and it resulted in a terrible “scalloped” effect instead of a clean cut. After increasing the feed rate of the cut, I got fantastic results with the LowRider 3 cutting the 1/2" HDPE sheet. More soon.


Looking forward to see more!

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“The long game” - for me is to upgrade the LR2 :rofl: :rofl:

Love watching you go for it @DougJoseph but you really make me tired! :smiley:

LowRider 3 CNC - Secret to nice fat chips cutting HDPE plastic (for enclosure for MP3DP)

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SAME HERE! And sadly, I just rebuilt my LR2, so now I feel obligated to continue using it haha

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Nice chips! Cheers for sharing your process, learnings and profile details. Appreciate the neat logo box suggestion. Great results Doug!

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Thanks guys!

So today, after having previously gotten the enclosure panels CNC cut out of HDPE, I used my DIY router table with a roundover bit to fillet my “handles” in the side panels, and a chamfer bit to chamfer all the outfacing corner edges of all the panels. Took some video. Not sure if it will be enjoyable or just boring to watch. :-\

I watched your HDPE video and all I could think was “all those chips under the bearings, get the hose out!!”… :smiley:

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It just pushes those fat chips out of the way like an aircraft carrier cutting through seaweed!

Seriously I didn’t mean to trouble anyone! LOL

Thanks for watching!!