The Canadian MPCNC

Hi guys,

Check out the garage organizer/MPCNC. I just put it together. There is still a lot of testing to do. I used aluminum foil emergency blankets around the inside to try to keep some heat in. My garage isn’t heated and it’s pretty cold. There’s acrylic on the front. It’s not a great insulator but at least it keeps the cold air out.

The legs aren’t screwed down yet, but they’re pretty wobbly. The thing shakes around a lot. I’ll probably change to having the corner blocks mounted to the sides which are 3/4 inch particle board.

When I start a print, it starts printing immediately and doesn’t wait for the extruded to heat up. How do I fix this? I’ve tried both ramps firmware versions.




I thought there was a different gcode command for heat up and wait vs. heat up and don’t wait.

Looks nice. Throw in a vacuum and you’ve cornered the dust too. What are those sides? They look like bookcases.

M104 S190

Should set the extruder temp to 190, then print when it gets there.

Thanks, I add this to the gcode?


M104 S190

Your slicer should be doing that automatically, that isn’t a firmware thing.

Ok, I sliced it using Cura 3.0.1, which is for Ultimaker. I guess that explains it.

What slicer do you recommend?



That is a default setting for all printers. Somehow that got changed. Try resetting the defaults or reinstalling. I like cura just not the standalone. I like repetier, simplify, matter control, check out Prusa’s slicer as well.

I have the recommended setting on the extruder page.

Thanks. I’ll try that.