The Best 3D Printed CNC Machines of 2023 (MPCNC listed at the top)

I saw this yesterday & didn’t see where anyone has posted this, so thought I would add it here.

The Best 3D Printed CNC Machines of 2023 | All3DP


Interesting that they used a pre-Burly 525 model image… I mean, their headline image is of a Primo, but their entry thumbnail is archival…


Yeah that source is a bit iffy, but I still enjoy seeing it on that list!! The images they had been using were far older so things have recently gotten an update.

Thanks geodave, I appreciate you catching that.


Imsaw tjst article the other day, thought about posting, but working 350km from home today, so this is the next time I’ve been on the forum…

Nice that it made #1, would have been extra had it been the LR3.

Someone complained to me on Twitter that another brand should have also been mentioned…I wanted to reply “what about my other model!?” :rofl:

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Unless I’m not reading/listening correctly,
I’m not sure why the “Karen” tweeted you, wouldn’t they have been better served tweeting the person/ group that wrote the article?

Or am I misunderstanding, and you Ryan have to ability to impress and have influence over a larger audience than I imagined?

On a lighter note, even though I’m not on the socials, I’m happy to know I’m not the only one holding out on using it’s new name.

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Imagine if every thought you had on the toilet was instantly published. That is twitter now. Noting but :poop: posts. Finding the right person to respond to under those circumstances is just too stressful.

Oh yeah twitter is very odd. I just realized there a “famous” twitter people in the rep rap space but just for the fact that they reply to everyone so you start to know the name. Not to long ago I was thinking who the heck is this person…dig deeper it is just a extremely frequent poster, no models, no biz, no videos, nothing I could find in terms of projects in any way.

That is when I stopped using twitter as much, it used to be great for keeping up with news from companies, and video releases and stuff, like instead of visiting every company’s site to see if there are new blog posts. Now (or maybe always) it is just people dying to talk about something so everything gets blown out of proportion, good or bad, because the amplification that echo chamber provides…which I wish I would have realized that a few years back before I started posting about YouTuber’s comments there.

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