TFT35 won't turn on from 12v power

I’m having issues getting everything wired up correctly on this machine, or at least I’m thinking that is the issue… I’ve looked at every diagram, picture, manual I can find, and everything I’m doing seems to be right. I’m fairly new to this sort of stuff so that’s why I’m hoping the problem is something dumb and easy to fix. After wiring up my board and turning on the power (12v) my board only has the 12v light show up but nothing else turns on. No screen, no other lights, nothing. The wierd thing is that when I switch the jumper to the 5v pins and plug the board directly into my laptop, everything works. Screen turns on, motors run, everything is fine and dandy. Is that normal? I thought it should be able to power up on it’s own from the 12v power source.
Second problem once I get the first one figured out- when I have the board running off my laptop, I can get the axies to move, but only one motor runs for each axis.
Please be patient with me as this is all fairly new stuff, I just need to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks!

Check F4, a 2Amp fuse.

I assume you mean “when I move the jumper J2 to select between USB power and 12V power supply power” ?