TFT35 E3 V3 + SKR Pro 1.2 - beeping when reading SD card

I’ve got the TFT35 E3 V3 display and SKR Pro 1.2 sold from the V1E store. I’m using a 128gb SD card formatted in exFAT - Windows throws an error that it’s too large to format to FAT32. It’s freshly formatted and contains a gcode file exported from EstlCAM - just the crown test.

When I’m in touchscreen mode, I can go to Print and it detects that there’s an SD card inserted. If I touch the SD card, the display goes to Loading, waits a moment, gives one long beep, waits another moment, then gives two short beeps. It then returns to the SD/internal SD/etc. select screen.

Is this just me needing to source a smaller card and format it in FAT32, or is there something I missed?

That card is too big. The screen and the board cant use that type. If I remember right you want one 32gb or smaller. I know I have used 32gb and it worked just fine.

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No luck. I bought a brand new Sandisk 32gb regular SD card, formatted it in FAT32, copied my test gcode file to the card, inserted it in the TFT SD card slot, and powered on. The issue persisted.

can you upload the file you are trying to read here?

Sure thing - it’s at

Yeah you should be able to read that file. I have seen people try to run a .E12 file which is the estlcam proejct file before so wanted to make sure on that one. Hopefully someone else that knows more than me will come comment.


Is there anything in particular I need to do to format the card or configure the display? I’m just plugging them in to the SKR.

It needs to be fat32. It should be able to format that way, you are just going to lose capacity.

Show us a picture of your TFT screen and pictures of how you have it wired.

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Video of the issue and photo of the wiring are at Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Wrong button, TFT SD.

Ah yeah, that’s the one. It was giving me errors when I was trying earlier with a micro SD in an adapter, never even thought of trying it with the known good card. That’s gonna be a real cranium-desk interface for me.

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