TFT Recovery for MP3DP v2

Due to problems with the SD reader I had to replace the TFT35 E3 V3 connected to the SKR Pro 1.2 of my MP3DP v2.
I can’t find the V1 Engineering firmware suitable for the TFT35 related to the MP3DP V2
Can anyone please give me a download link?
Thank you

If you bought it from V1, it’s already flashed. If you self-sourced, then the links are below.



Direct link to the Repeat printer binaries:
(May be malformed, but if you look under releases | assets at the github location, it’s clearly shown)

Many thanks MakerJim. Unfortunately I had to buy it online (I live in Italy…) and I have little familiarity with GitHub. But with your help I was able to find the correct files and now the printer is working again.

I am glad you have your machine working again.

You’re welcome.