TFT 35 Screen Freezes

Recently got this all hooked up and it works great, when plugged into the computer. The screen in both marlin and touchscreen freeze after about 10-15 seconds of being on.

Here are some pictures of everything set up. Tonight I was able to complete the crown when plugged into the board but not from the screen as even when plugged in the screen is frozen but I can still operate from the board itself.

Also, Ryan these are some of the pictures that were requested. I used the end that was in the box for the power supply to power the board and motors. I cannot attached the video of the crown test but it completed and I attached a picture of the complete crown.

Okay You have tried everything else. new firmware, swapped the cables, tried marlin and the touch side.

I really have no idea if it is the power supply, SKR board, or the TFT. I really would like to be able to narrow it down.

Last request before swapping everything out. Cut off that barrel jack and wire the power supply directly. We have a lot of people with intermittent issues with them. I think they can be kinda crimped to be fixed but best to wire directly. If you do have any other 12v power supply 2A or greater could you try that to at least rule out the PS.

I bought two power supplies from you to have a back up so I can do that with this one. Let me run and try this really quick and I will let you know how it works.


The screen cable on the left in the pictures looks like it may not be seated completely.


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It was. I checked. The angle at which i took the picture i thibk caused it.

So i am assuming red is + and white is - here?

It is a tad bit more responsive still very slow and freezing between screens.

Okay, let me send out a swap. I am going to gamble and say it is just the screen.

In the meantime you can use the marlin side with just the gray cables, or the touch side with just the black cable. Using one or the other might help enough for you to use it while you wait for the replacement.

Thank you Ryan. I will try either one with the SD card. If that doesnt work i did buy a longer USB cable where i can just plug directly into the board. Thank you again for all your help.