Test cut not aligning properly - Help needed!

Hello! We just finished a LV3 4’x8’ build. We’re currently stumped on a problem we are facing. We cannot seem to get a clean test cut of a design that we imported. Right now, it seems that the cut shifts. Attached is both an image of the test design and the test cut with notes. Also attached are the settings and bit that we used (similar to the guide crated by (V1E). We also are using the SKR Pro controller. We are new to the CNC game so any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

Here is the design file!

Here is the tool info!

It looks like you may have had a skipped (lost) step somewhere along the way.

The bottom two lines seem like they are angled downward for the left 3/4 of the cut, then jump back into position for the last 1/4 (assuming a left to right cut). This may indicate something binding during the travel.

Can you post the machining order?

Have you done an “air cut”? (although cutting foam should be pretty close).

Standard answer is to re-check the grub screws (all three axis) for tightness, but there may be something else going on here…

Hey @Bartman ! Thanks for the response. We are not sure if it is something bending. We thought that too but watched to see if anything was happening. We then changed the cut to be more “intricate” and now it starts good, and then goes all over the place. Attached an image! It feels as if the machine is not zeroing and now acting crazy…

There have been a few posts where static has caused this type of issue. Are you using some form of dust collection? (and is it grounded?)

Try powering down (unplugging) for several seconds (up to a minute) and restarting an air cut (or pen trace) without the dust collection system operating.

Static could especially be an issue when cutting foam.

looks like you skipped a step. You should be able to hear that when it happens. It could be a bad wire connection, motor current too low, a power supply without sufficient current rating, or the grub / set screw on the motor pulley isn’t holding.

the foam statically can stick to the rails and gum up the bearings…