Tackling the 3rd dimension

I’ve started doing some more precise projects and I’ve been focusing on dialing in my lowrider. I’ve got the xy square .04 diff on diagonals and .02 accuracy on x/y cuts on a 150mm square which far exceeds anything I could have dreamed of. My goal has always been .5mm accuracy.

My z on the other hand is ugly. I’ve never surfaced my spoil board and I’ve got hills and valleys up to 1.5mm in my bed, I tried making a box with half laps and I ended up all over the place on my doc +- 2mm.

I def need to surface my machine… my question is would it make sense to surface the plywood bed prior to installing the spoil board to provide a flat reference for the spoil board and reduce the amount of material removal for future spoil boards?

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No, surface the mdf. Surfacing plywood usually just ends in tears.


Yes definately the spoil board. Just did mine after a year of ignoring it and it is amazing. My v bit cuts are fantastic now and it only took 15 minutes to do mine. My machine is quiet small though