Tachout Build - Sandy Utah

I am sitting at work, and creating the G-Code to begin printing all my parts. I am going to start printing all the parts this weekend. I say start, as I am guessing it will take me two weekends around the rest of what is going on to get all these files printed. I will document my build here, and plan on doing videos of the different steps as some of you have done. I have a Makerfarm i3v printer (Prusa clone) that I build, so I figured what not build a small CNC Machine. I have already looked this over and have a plan to run a spindle rather than a router, and thus I will make a mount for it once I figure out what I need. Beyond that, I am also going to put a laser on this so I can do a little work with a laser. This is basically going to be used to make parts for my personal use at the moment but I am sure once my car buddies find out this is in my garage, I can already see custom brackets and the like… and if I can make some quality parts, my work my have me build one for them.

Stay tuned and I will try to update as I go.

OK So here is another question: I know I just started but yes I have more questions…

When creating the G-Code at work while on the clock, do you consider that free time, or do you consider that they are paying me, and I am doing this on their time. I want to figure total time involved, and cost to build machine in parts and labor?


Mark Selig

That’s easy, if you are getting paid…you are a professional Gcode maker…pro slicer.

So far this weekend, although I did not make any building or printing progress, I did do one major thing. I was looking at Facebook Marketplace and a local Craft/STEM business was having a sale. I got (2) new rolls of 1.75 PLA (fluorescent Blue and Fluorescent Yellow) for $12.00 a roll. I am leveling my bed and cleaning and tightening my machine all up now to begin printing. I decided as I print each file, I will put in a plastic bag, and label each set of parts. That way when I go to put it together I should have all the parts easier to find.

Or…print them in the order of assembly and assemble as you go…That is how I built it the very first time. Fun

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I thought about that Ryan, but the area where I am going to set this up, along with the table will not fit right now. I am building a Race car in my garage right now and it will just not fit with the car in there. I have the car so it cannot be moved right now. Hopefully I can get the parts in, and installed so I can move the car around, right about the time I start my assembly.



Can you just build a smaller race car?

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I am kind of into it to far to build something smaller. I am hoping to get the rest of the big stuff done and get it off to paint soon, then when it comes back I can put it on the other side of the garage.


Really looking forward to having a small CNC to help with projects like this. Light aluminum parts will be much easier to make when I need something.

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That is a cool hobby…

Just starting to print my first part! This printer is old and home built from a kit but will get the job done.

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All parts are printed from LowRider2_CNC_-_Full_Sheet_Capable_CNC_Router-_25.4mm I am now beginning printing the Full_Graphic_Smart_Controller_Case. Hopefully that will be done printing before I go to bed tomorrow leaving me with only the Ramps_1.4_Cover and I will have everything printed to build the stock Lowrider 2. All parts are ordered and should be here this week. Next weekend I plan to get the flat parts cut out and holes drilled, and pick up the tubing. Once everything is in the same area of the garage, I am going to put together the table I have planned, and assemble my machine! Tomorrow as soon as I get home from work, I will lay out all the parts, do an inventory, and make sure I got all the parts with the correct quantities printed, and will post pictures.

When you got to pick up your steel … my helper and I jumped in the Z06 to go get the steel pieces. This came in a 24’ length and so had them cut it into 4 pieces and we just loaded it and brought it home. Thought I would share pictures.

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If you got to do it do it in style!

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Got my style home Friday. All excited to start putting things together. Well I need the flat stock. Get ready to get started. Had a buddy print the drawings for my flat parts. Guess he did not do something right because I could tell fight off the bat that they were way to big. I owned the dog in my Autocad and was going to reprint them on 11x17 paper and turned on my printer. Well printer has a jam somewhere and I could not figure it out quickly so called to ask library if I could print them there. Chased over there come to find out they cannot either. Found a place around the corner to print them. Have them my PDF files and then spent the last part of my open day chasing after 2’x2’ MDF. Home Depot carries it and it is real inexpensive so got it and had family the rest of my day. Not much progress but got a start anyway.

To be continued

Got up Sunday morning and cut my templates out. Then cleaned out an area in the garage and moved a couple cars. Temp now around 95. Then taped templates on the pieces to cut them out and then drill my holes

[attachment file=110101]

I cut them out and drilled the holes on the drill press. At this point might I say measure twice cut once. I did not do this. Got done, cleaned everything up and moved inside where it was cool.

[attachment file=110102]

Decided to lay everything out and make sure it was all there before I started.

[attachment file=“FD0EB342-3D42-4867-A917-82E125061B50.jpeg”

[attachment file=110104]

[attachment file=110105]

[attachment file="9BCC9FEF-B043-40E3-9A95-5A0BA53E47AE.jpegEverything there right? I thought hmm where is the display. Shot off an E-Mail asking and they told me to look in the Ramps box. Sure enough it was there.

To be continued…

Assembly time!so excited.

[attachment file=110109]

[attachment file=110110]

[attachment file=110111]

[attachment file=110112]

[attachment file=110113]

[attachment file=110114]

[attachment file=110115]

Everything up to this point is going real smooth. Too smooth come to find out. Went to assemble on the 611 board. Nope not to scale. Time to pause and check the other parts. Looked for the y carriage and yep it is not there. Decided that is enough for today. I am printing my missing pieces.

I must say the the parts that I am putting together are working like they should

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Got a little bit of a late start and had to move a bunch of stuff, but we got started on building our table. It is not braced, squared up, or sheeted yet (That comes tomorrow) Time for a short pause before going to a baseball game tonight.

You got the family involved, that has got to be the best part, right?! Although your fam seems to like working upside down, ahahah. I see a couple cool toys in the background, I bet you have some projects in mind already.

Cool to see another vette owner building a MPCNC. Good luck with your build!

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Things I have learned so far while building this machine.

  1. I am a terrible carpenter
  2. You cannot make minor adjustments with my hammer

[attachment file=112402]

[attachment file=112403]

  1. MDF is terrible.

I have now made 1 pair of flat pieces the wrong size. I have made a new side piece as the cut out around the top wheel was not cut deep enough. And now I get to make another one since I broke this one. I cannot wait till it is up and running and I can make these out of aluminum. Got to see it run first then I will design aluminum ones similar to how we machine plates for race cars.

[attachment file=112404]

But it sure looks like it will move this weekend

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I got it wired up and loaded Repetier Host and was able to make it move and move where I wanted it. Just using masking tape, and a pen on the side of the dust shield I was able to draw a pretty good square I think with a good pen mount it will be fine. I have a pen mount but my sled (611 board) does not fit it too well so I am going to find another way. I need to do a little squaring, and need more wire extension wires, and a new ribbon cable for my screen and I think I can get my wires cleaned up enough to do a crown test. I am going to put together an order with V1 and then get it all squared away prior to doing my crown test. In the mean time, I am going to work with estlcam and work to write my own crown test gcode and see how it does. I am going to try to get it so I can spit out what ever code I want by next weekend. Should be a lot of fun learning cnc programing again. I learned it forever ago with Mastercam. Mind you that was when AutoCAD was making the switch from DOS to Windows platform.