Tablet Mount

So I have built a thing for my Primo.

I am looking for some advice for mounting a tablet (iPad 12 Pro) to the front right corner when it’s in work mode but folds mostly flat when in storage mode in the same location. I’m hoping to have it come up far enough to be confortable to work on (an arm or something). Has anyone built anything like that? Any pointers on where to look for pointers?

  • Ryan J.

Can you put it on the upright portion of the legs? It would stay on place (upright) when the table folds, so it would mostly stay out of the way.

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The only problem with that is that it’s right in the way of where I am typically standing/working when at the CNC. I don’t what to hit it while moving material or hanging bits.

I was thinking of an arm that I can just rotate down and back as needed. Just need to spend some time trying to figure out how to do it and keep the footprint as small as possible.

It need not stick straight up. Have it jog over to the corner of the table so the pad itself (and any of to arm above table height) are about over the corner caster wheel, and it will still be easy to reach from where you stand, without being in the way. If it’s over where the wheel is it doesn’t increase the footprint of the machine when folded. Still the simplest solution.

Or you can get one of those fancy foldaway monitor stands, or design one, but that ends up having many ways to go wrong.

I’m having trouble seeing what you’re saying. Any chance you could give me a quick handsketch?