Table ++

Not built (yet) but I’ve drawn a table in onshape based on these awesome (although expensive) tables:

OnShape CAD drawing

I tried to make the design well parameterized, and it expands to the size of your table (mine is currently 32x48in). You’d need 2 cuts of each part, except the stretchers. It’s most similar to the ++ version of the table.

I also made layers for test pieces, which should help get the thicknesses and stuff right before you cut a huge amount of ply. I haven’t even tested this part of it.

And I made a layer with locations for holes, which I will use to cut some 2mm deep holes to use as clamps, and I’ll use them to make sure the z height is good enough across the entire cutting area. It’s not loading into estlCAM, I think it’s because there’s no geometry, so I need to fix that.

I thought I would post this in case someone had some ideas or thoughts before I try to make it. Has anyone tried to cut through laminate? I think I should attach some laminate to the ply before cutting. I’ve never done laminate, but I’ve seen it on youtube :slight_smile: .

[attachment file=32454]

((( BTW, I called it Trains+ because I’m planning on making it for my toddler to play with his wooden trains ))).

I’ve cut some designs into laminate flooring pieces without issues.