Table Support - how sturdy is needed?

Getting ready to construct the table for my build… I’ve got the materials for the surface (35x87), but I’m trying to plan out the legs. I’m hoping to make it collapsible so I can lean it against a wall when not in use, and optimally I’d be able to set it over some stuff as well.

Does the stability of the table legs/support matter much? Does it need to be rock solid with cross bars in both directions, or could I get by with just some 2x4s in the corners? Could I just sit it on some saw horses, or clamp it on top of a folding table?

I think everyone will have their own opinion. I built a smaller one, it’s about 48 x 32. I just put some vertical legs down and tied them together around the perimeter. I can wobble the table if I push on it but it does not create and issues during operation. I think the most important part is to have a flat and heavy top to it. All your loads will be going into the table top anyway if your belts are attached to the table top edge.

I used 1" thick MDF, I realized if I secured it with multiple screws to the lower frame it pulled the top out of flat. I now just have it attached to the legs with two screws so it maintains its own flatness and is basically a floating top. So far it’s working well.

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It doesn’t have to be able to park a car on. Mine wobbles around, but the top is all very rigid with itself. If the whole CNC moves relative to the floor, does it matter at all? It isn’t at risk of toppling over.