Table skeleton out of aluminum extrusions

I’m at that point where I’m looking to build my table. I have limited space and would prefer to have a table that doesn’t take up my whole garage and I can stack it on its side. For this reason, I am thinking about building my cut table out of aluminum extrusions and setting it on top of tool carts when in use. The question is what are the relevant dimensions and mounting points and their expected offsets? A fair warning, I’m probably going to call things not by their official names. I also might make it where it comes in two connectable frames for the full length without having to get full 114" extrusions shipped to me.

  1. So far, the table needs to support a ~4x8 (49"x97") sheet of MDF.
  2. The flat spot for the wheels to roll over and the belt run with mounts at the lateral of this. (I think this has to be 114 inches and not sure how wide.)
  3. The round bar that constrains the Y-path and the belt run with mounts at the lateral of this. (Same as 114 inches, but also not sure how wide.)

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Already seen ideas in Cost and Weight smart table designs that would make MacGyver proud ?

Dimensions within the LR3 diagram within LR3 Calculator helped me figure out some layout details. Personally ended up with full sheet Sled and 1/4 sheet Bench that are ~63" wide.

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That topic has led me to some useful information. Now I just need to come up with some ideas and get prices on them.