Table size questions

The space I currently have reserved for my LowRider2 build is 4’ x 4’. One corner and two sides will be against a wall. The LowRider2’s overhang beyond the edges of the table (side plates, steppers, controls, etc) needs to be within that 4’ so I need to work backwards from there. How much does the LowRider2 extend past the table on each end of the X axis?

You can use the size calculator to reverse engineer to match you dimension. It looks like you’ll want something in the 3’ range.

Yeah, I know about the size calculator. But, unless I’m overlooking it, it doesn’t give the TOTAL space taken. What I need to know is the distance from the edge of the table to the outer edge of the complete assembly on each side. From there I can use the size calculator to work backward.

3.5" plus some breathing room.

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