table not quite level / laser attachment

I’ve got all of my laser cutter stuff ala leo’s article.

As I’ve been using my mpcnc over the last few weeks, I have noticed that my table is not quite parallel to the cutting plane of my Dewalt.

While I’m not sure of the angular variance, I know that I’m off by about 2mm from side to side. for cnc routing, I just accept that I’m cutting into my spoiler board to compensate…and I really don’t care about that.

My question is:

Will this cause a major issue when I put the laser cutter on the z axis? I know that the laser needs to be focused… will 2mm throw that out of wack?

Probably. How much, I’m not sure though.

Short answer: No.

Longer Answer: No, it will not.

Assuming that you have a decent powered laser, that will be focused at 30-60mm, you should have a usable range of about 15mm (7.5 up and down from the point of focus)

If you are doing image burning, the picture will get a little lighter/darker (depending on your focus point) towards one end of the table; but 2mm shouldn’t be noticeable.

On the other hand, you could always loosen the flex foot on that side, lift the conduit 2mm, and re-tighten it… personally, I used a 1/2" 6" ratchet extension, with a socket in it, to even mine up.

How could you fix this? Trim the legs?

you could throw a larger router bit on the router and trim up the spoiler board so that it is perfect with respect to the router plane. then mount the laser…