Table help please

Ok so I am about to start cutting things here shortly and I wanted to get some advice.
1:) what’s the recommended depth of the sand box ?
2:) the 66mm height is only the gantry and mechanical heights ?
3:) if your constrained to a certain size underneath. Would you build box to this large size ?
I have glass panel size of
I have a available area underneath table of 760mmx1270mm.
I am leaning towards go as big as I can and just build the gantry assy as large as I can to keep the image area within the glass dimensions ?

  1. If you aren’t doing LEDs, the you can get away with something like 3/4" for a 1/2" marble and some error. My table is built into a 1.5" counter and the sand box loses between 1/4" and 1/8". There isn’t any hard rule. The surprising thing is that it really helps to get the LEDs away from the sand by 2" or so. Having then tucked far away males them less visible directly.
  2. Is that from the calculator? I think that is the thickness of the mechanism. Remember that the motors hang down, so extra long motors might be larger.
  3. You won’t be able to draw that entire area of glass with that much area underneath. First, male sure you have room to actually mount the device with that much glass. It screws up into the table. It can’t screw up into glass. Second, consider making a border of something to frame a smaller area under the glass. This can help hide the LEDs and give you clearance with the mechanism. You should be able to pick a smaller work area than your glass. But you need to be able to mount the machine.

Thanks a lot Jeff much appreciated.
I figured there was no like hard rule, just wanted to gain your guys experience in depth and field of view.
I like the idea of hiding the led’s and was planning on using them.
I just didn’t want to get all done and have a compromise situation.

So I will do a depth of something enough to add led’s and maybe a little deflector to hide them from the eyes. Do something removable so if I don’t like it or it casts shadows I can remove it.

The bottom of my sand box I was going to use 1/4” ply wood.

Thanks again for all the help and ideas, getting nervous and excited.
So indecisive lol

The sisyphus table has the leds way out. The sand box isn’t very deep. An inch maybe. They have some Aluminum composite material as a sort of mat around the work area. That mat is about 3" wide. I tried to sort of match that on my zxy. But I didn’t make as large of a border. I think Ryan has a 2" border or so on his. It is nice.

You just need to watch out that you aren’t expecting to mount the machine to the glass.

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What do you think about mounting led strip on a 45 deg at the top edge?
And my bottom is going to be all wood so the mounting part should be straight forward.
So many variables lol

I don’t think the angle of the LEDs matters much. They are pretty much point sources of light. They don’t have a lens for direction. That is part of why you have to mount them so far back.

I am designing a new 3 layer table top machine and I am going to try just mounting them way back in the middle layer.

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