Table Design First MPCNC

Firstly I’m new so please forgive me if this has already been discussed. I’m thinking about building my table top for my first MPCNC build with a removable top and a recessed bottom so I can have both a short Z axis when routing, but then remove the base and let the Z axis come down for 3d printing.


The legs for the MPCNC would sit on top of the ledge and the Z access would be very close to the top of the travel:

[attachment file=“cnc_table_top.png”]

Then when I wanted to do some 3D printing I would remove the platform and the bottom would be sunken down giving me lots of room for Z travel:

[attachment file=“cnc_table_top2.png”]

Does anyone have any advice if this would be a good setup to maximize rigidity but still providing some flexibility?



[attachment file=“93740”]

Second picture apparently didn’t get uploaded.

That looks pretty good to me.


Only thing I’d change/add, would be a removable cross brace under the removable spoil board. Just a quick halved joint cross in the middle.

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Thanks, that’s a really good suggestion.

This would be too eliminate any possible flex in the waste board I am guessing.

I would also install threaded inserts on the box face frame to be able to bolt the waste board down consistently without causing undo wear and tear on the box assembly.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely be incorporating them. I’ve built the table and partially assembled the kit. I haven’t cut out the removable section yet, I wanted it to keep the table square as possible for now.

You’ve got it. Remember to size the Z tubes for the length you need when the drop table is opened up. It’s fine to have the extra length above the gantry as far as I imagine - that’s how mine is anyway. And yes - you definitely wan the cross brace. I’ve got to add something under my removable spoil board to stiffen it.

Cutting the hole is a fun step…