SWMN Build

My only regret is that there were not more parts to put together. Everything fit together so well I couldn’t put it together wrong if I tried(and believe me I tried several times). I have not had that much fun putting something together in a long time. So thank you Ryan.


I put my MPCNC together in my kitchen as the -15 degree weather was a little to cold for even my MN blood to handle out in the garage. The picture I have of it are with the wires unhooked and sitting on the basement floor(Pics or it didn’t happen right?). I also printed out the crown using Ryan’s provided gcode on the build page. I do think I have something messed up somewhere and I think it could be with the belts maybe? The lines, especially the curved ones, are kinda stair steppy. Any Ideas?


EDIT: Also the whole think kinda ‘vibrates’ when it moves… Maybe this is only because the table could be shaky?


Looks good

Hard to say really, once you screw it down and try again on a smooth surface it will probably be great!

My spoil board is not level at all so there is a lot of depth variation but on the whole for a second try I think it turned out OK. I got a bit from a big box store that I am going to try to use to flatten everything out. Other than that the machine worked beautiful!


EDIT: Also you were right Ryan. After bolting the machine down all the little wiggles stopped! Thanks again for such an amazing piece of hardware!