Swedish IKEA based ZenTable

Thought I share some progress and idea of a good donor table.

New Project here in Sweden which will be using an IKEA Liatorp table as body to modify. The frame is pretty ok but will need some modifications and a paint touch up. https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50087072/ Since they are quite common here in Sweden I picked up a used one for $35 to test.

Outer dimensions 930x930 mm and workarea will be approx 750x750.

Still not decide on which mech solution to use. First the idea was to “copy” the polar design from Sisuphus but now I’m more leaning for a simple CoreXY.

I have tested to use a 8mm rod and linear plastic bearings based on this design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2920584 on an 450x450mm area with SilentStepStic TMC2208 which where really silent. Not sure how well they will work on the larger area so I’m also considering to use the ZenXY as an alternative. Might end up with a mix in the end.


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That’s a good idea. My first thought is that the edges aren’t thick enough to cover the mechanics, but it’s hard to tell from here. Are you planning on keeping the drawer functional?

The current plan is to not use the drawer because it reduces the space on each side so I can’t mount and hide the LED strip. It might be possible to trim the sides and keep it which would be nice but not sure yet.

To hide the mechanics I think I will need to make a separate box or cover. The height of the drawer is only ~50mm


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Hi guys,

Finally found some time to go back to the table again and made some progress.

Still on the backlog to fabricate new side panels where the drawer used to be, cable management and paintjob.

Ended up using a mix of ZenXY and Quasithinking’s solution where I have modified it a bit and added end stops. I’m not 100% confident on the durability so I expect a version 2 will be needed eventually but at least it looks nice.

Ramps 1.4 as controller with TMC2208 Silentstepstick drivers which are really quiet.

I’m using Chinchilla sand which turned out to be cheap easy to source and really smooth. Regarding magnets there are still room for improvement. I have tried 12mm and 18 mm and of course 15mm seems to be perfect so will try to find that.

Drawing area is 660x660mm

Thanks for the inspiration and Kudos to Ryan for great site and designs and Jeff for sandify!


Side view, bottom where I had to make room for the motors and top view without the glass.


That’s is great!

You have it tucked in there pretty good, nice work!

Hey @2mas,
Would you mind showing some more revealing shots of your under carridge? :slight_smile:

Not too far under the belt thou…

Från Stockholm så har inte riktigt kläm på det där med göteborgsvitsar…

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Hmm, sometimes expressions directly translated from Swedish gets very wrong…

I will try to take some photos for you on the table, basically it is a 4 mm MDF standing on 50mm support blocks directly on the bottom of the table. I have made holes in the bottom to drop the motors further rather than reducing the clearance between sand and glass.

I I had to redo it I think it might be a better idea to raise the top frame 20 mm by adding a frame between the top lid and walls. This will create better clearance for LED strips. Right now I need to figure out if I can mount LED strips without them getting too close to the glass and causing reflexions.

I have used the thingiverse model and added endstops to it. First planned for a polar bot, then ZenXY but ended up with this.
Still need some finishing touches but hope to find some time this spring to do it.

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:slight_smile: pun intended

Will pick the table tonight. Have agreed on $60. Pic will follow

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my trips to Elizabeth, NJ when I was living in Manhattan, and I was bummed when I broke my wardrobe in moving, but every time I see the name…

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Do you have a few more pictures of the hardware you put in? The result looks awesome!