Here we can talk about problems when printing an geting parts in sweden.

I’ve shipped quite a few kits to Sweden. There should be a lot of user already up and running. I actually just shipped a LCD there this morning.

I have all the parts now except for the printable ones. I hope I will have time to print them during the Christmas/New year vacation and get the machine up and running.

If anyone is having trouble finding cheap 25mm tube I can recommend having a look at Swedol. Picked up some galvanized steel approx. 3mm thick so it is very robust and it seems smooth enough to me.

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Do you have a link to the tubes? I have tried to find it at Swedol but without success. Me and a friend are sourcing all the parts and have found tubes but they are only 1.5mm thick, I don’t know if that’s going to a problem or not. We assembled one of the rollers and it was really exiting. We found out that the pipe diameter was between 24.95mm and 25.05mm and that actually made a difference in how “tight” the bearings were with the tube.

Here’s the link to the tubes if anyone is interested https://www.byggmax.se/forvaring/garage-och-verkstad/ror-och-rorsystem/ror-2200-habo-krom-p7270147

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I haven’t found the pipes on their website, my dad went to the store and got mine. He asked they guy working their if they had any pipes, they did and they could even cut the exact length I wanted.

The pipes are slightly larger than 25mm but I have test printed a roller and it works well.

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Ok! Thanks anyway.

Got a reply from a local dealer http://www.metallgrossisten.se close to where I live. 216kr for 6m 25x2mm. And the tubes/pipes are precision steel pipes or “precisionsstålrör” which sounds awesome. Since I didn’t know what that meant I did some research.

Stålrör som kännetecknas av tunn väggtjocklek, stor måttnoggrannhet och god ytkvalitet. Avsedda för mindre konstruktioner.

or in english

Steel pipes are characterized by thin wall thickness , dimensional accuracy and good surface quality . Intended for smaller structures.

Will post some more information when I have bought and tried the pipes out.

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Just because it has the word precision in it I would assume it will be great. What we use here is the least precision you can buy and is actually rated by the ID. Our cheapie stuff works great I’m sure yours will be better.

I’m going to buy the pipes this friday, will report back to you about my findings.

Hello, i live close to uppsala and started this project 5 days ago.
I did buy the tubes frpm Byggmax, lets se what happens. It was only avalibe online, so I’m still waiting for them.
Also i have to tell you that i got the 608 bearings Abec1 from 3d-grottan.se for just 3SEK a piece. Still waiting for them also :slight_smile:

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Interesting Andreas, I am curious to hear how the tubes work.

That was a good price on the bearings. I think I paid just below 3sek/pcs for the rubber sealed ones. But that was from China.

How is your machine working? I have just decided to build one… Any advice you can give me? Are the machine stable?

Om det är någon som vill ha hjälp att printa vissa delar i abs (de större delarna kväver en uppvärmd kammare) kan ni skicka ett pm till mig. Jag har skrivit ut några av dessa kitt helt i abs.

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Were can i find a guid how to wire everything. i started my project a long time ago, so i got everythig then, but now when im starting tu build it, i see that i have 5 steper controlers, but on the pictures thers only 3, i cant remember why i got 5.


Guys hows everything going? i have put everything together, but i feals to tight and i dont know what to do!?
all parts are 25mm and i have 25mm steal pipe. and some bearings in the roller blocks are not toutching the pipe, iv tested to print
new blocks alsow.

im realy stuck.


Here is a link to the Swedol pipes I mentioned earlier: http://www.swedol.se/hydraulror-somlosa.html

I figured I can update my sources for MPCNC.

I ordered tubes 25.4mm from Stena Stål.
Hardware in form of nuts and bolts I have mostly stainless steel:
Bauhaus, Biltema and Swedol.

Arduino, RAMPS 1.4 and LCD from China
Better steppers from Ebay
Drive belts and 16T pinions from Ebay
500W Router from Aliexpress included Powersupply
100pcs bearings from Ebay - Lots for future projects.