sucess at last.

I finally get to celebrate a successful run with no communication failures, dimensional mismatches, or skipped steps. Thanks to all that helped me get my bugs worked out.

That’s really neat looking. What project is that?

Cool and congrats! Time for dust collection eh :)?

Since Recreational smoking has become legal in CA. I have had a request for a rolling station. I could have done it all on the router table but this way is much faster and safer. I’m repurposing an old butcherblock desk that someone gave me. I’m going to use my MPCNC to finish up the pendulum clock in the background. I have one gear that is VERY difficult to cut by hand.

I have dust collection just didn’t use it because I was tracking down possible EMI issues. I will be in the future. I’m fortunate to have a pretty well stocked wood shop. More so now than ever.

That is really clean. Where the heck is your wiring?

X and Y run thru the tubes and over the edge of the table. I have a box mounted to the underside of the table vented and cooled with the electronics in it. I do discrete wiring inspection for a living and know some tricks. Everything is on a 2.5" thick roll around table.