Subscribing to each other on YouTube - we should. Let's!

Any time I happen to come across another YT channel of a fellow V1E maker, I try to remember to subscribe, and also try to like their videos. This is not only us helping each other, but us helping V1E in general.

For every V1E enthusiast maker who replies here below with a link to their YouTube channel, I will subscribe to their channel, and after doing so I will click LIKE on your post here (to confirm).

I invite you to subscribe to my channel at:

Side note: AZA’s Build to Code channel is nearing 800 subscribers! And my channel (just today) surpassed 500. These are not big numbers compared to major YT channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but over time we will get stronger and stronger, and hopefully one or more of us will get enough improvement in planning and execution on making videos that we go viral and get really big success, which will then help the V1E community in general.

Speaking of which, Ryan’s main channel, “Ryan - V1 Engineering Inc,” is now nearing 7K subscribers! KUDOS!


Since I have been subscribed to your channel for a few weeks and just figured out how I can change the @ in my channel, I am going to throw mine in as well:


Here’s mine. It’s not all V1 related. And It’s been quite a while since I’ve uploaded anything.

I keep thinking I’ll create a video “for the next project”. Then I forget.


Thanks @DougJoseph for starting this topic, and for the shout out :slight_smile:

Here’s some V1E community members am subscribed to (in addition to you guys), mostly discovered through this forum. In no particular order, just how YT listed them to me just now…

Hope that helps, cheers!

Edit: LOL, here’s my channel too…


As a fellow Dad, Jamie’s halloween combo suit for (presumably) him and his son is next level. He made a suit that lets his son look like (and feel like) he is piloting a “mech”!


Nice idea @DougJoseph !

I humbly submit my details


I’ll hop in!


Why not? I don’t have anything to teach so my videos aren’t always useful, but I do try to use my channel to demo things I’m trying to explain to people, so sometimes it’s useful.

Other times, well…


Well thanks everyone for all the new videos and brain seeds lol
You guys are on a whole different level wow.


I think I have an open spot if any one of you are interested in doing a review video on a new palm router? Not sure how many, so if a few of you are interested, I can see if the timeline works and what ideas you have. There is a product launch in a month or so they are trying to hit.

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I’m definitely on board.

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Dunno if I have a space that anyone would want their product featured on video in…

Is it a router you can put on the LowRider? Then I could help. I also wanted to build a router table. Does it have to be done in a month?