Stuff Ive made with new MPCNC

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Finished my MPCNC a week or so ago and have been running it pretty much any chance I get.

Of course first thing I had to do was make the wife some door hangers and then I decided to make some Game of Thrones wall hangers.

[attachment file=39524]

[attachment file=39525]

[attachment file=39526]

[attachment file=39527]

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Those look great, the detail in the faces is awesome for such a large carving. About how long did the Targ crest take?

Thats a 15 inch tall shield, not sure of the diameter of the crest. It took 45 minutes to an hour or so. The stark crest only took 15 minutes ha.

Those looks awesome! You could have the router carve the sheild itself or give you a groove to saw in and then sand the edges. Might make it a little cleaner. I would seriously be happy with those though.