Strut plate material

Im having issues sourcing 1/4" mdf for the 4x8 LR3 build strut plates. Would this be sufficient for them? I cant find any other 1/4" wood long enough to cut them in one piece.

I think the write-up specifies 1/4" or less, 3/8" might cause some clearance issues. I ended up using 3mm hardboard/masonite, and it seems to be doing the trick. I might updrade to 1/4" down the road, but I’m not looking forward to another gantry tear down.

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The only thing local i can find in 1/4" is lauan

Should be fine. The strut plates are there to secure along the skinny edge. So just about anything will work. The reason I recommend MDF is it can add a bit of torsional rigidity, not much but some. So you will be fine.

Ok cool thank you

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Didn’t you recommend HDF? :confused:

Just don’t use whatever they used for her shoes, that leads to bad struts…


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“The Three Strut plates were designed to be up to 6.35mm (¼“) thick. Hardboard or any similarly rigid materials work best here.” (LowRider CNC V3 - V1 Engineering Documentation)

I used 1/4" thick MDF bender board for landscaping – Pretty good fit/size for these cuts and reasonably priced.

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How about signwriter board 6mm alloy with plastic sandwiched between them light but strong

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