Store question!

I saw that the store is sold out for the 6A Rambo board with dual firmware and wire set. When will you get these back in?

I’m going to be routering 4 - 6 ft 4x4 with intricate carvings, do I need the dual firmware and end stops? It seems like they would be the preferred choice for accuracy but, they seem a bit complicated too. How much difference is it going to make? Which bundle do you suggest?


4 1/2 hours I will update the store’s inventory. Last night/today is more than double average sales, I need to verify inventory after shipping.

Wow, That’s great news for you! I can wait. Just when you get a moment later on. Should I get the dual firmware bundle?

Thanks for the fast reply Ryan.


No. On the bundle page I explain what I believe is the best option. Rambo series, if you think you are going to need insane accuracy for some reason add a individual wire kit and use it at a later date. You have plenty to learn before adding all the complexities to your CAM with Dual.

That works fine. Single 6A Rambo - and I don’t need the dual anything. Easy enough. I can always buy that stuff later.