Steps per mm calibration

When I ask for a 50mm move I’m seeing closer to 25mm actual distance traveled. Is the firmware configured for 1/16 stepping instead of 1/32? Repetier-Host doesn’t let me configure EEPROM settings, either because the firmware doesn’t match Marlin closely enough or because my board is a SainSmart Mega 2560 clone instead of genuine Arduino (I’m guessing).

Is it a mini-Rambo? Rambo won’t do 32nd stepping. I don’t know if Ryan posted a version for MP3DP for mr.

He posted firmware for both the miniRambo and Mega/RAMPS. He may not have tweaked the latter to use 1/32 stepping though, hence my question. :wink:

Oye, one of them is wrong they both show the same steps…Dang it.

I have been testing on the minirambo. I’ll upload another ramps.



Yeah, while I was waiting I went ahead and changed it in the code from 100 to 200 and I’m getting sane movements now. Just waiting for Sandify to generate some gcode and I’ll run it upside down once before taking the next step and mounting it in the table (I’m using a 12 year old laptop and it’s far from speedy). I am going to have to rotate my steppers 90° though, I let the wires come out the side and they need to come out below instead. Getting closer and closer. :wink: