Steppers in series, Voltage ?

To overcome my missing steps, I thought I would try to rewire my steppers in series.

But what voltage should I adjust the drivers to ?

Is it just twice the voltage of the driver formulas ?


I left mine where they were in parallel. I think Ryan said that’s probably too high, but I haven’t had any issues with it.

What was going on to get missed steps?

You just set the driver as if you are only running 1 stepper. I don’t usually go higher than .7v unless you have a fan on it.

Thank you for the replies,

I’m not quite sure what happened when I missed steps, it may have been the z-axis Estlcam issue, or just too fast milling. Anyways, I would hate for it to happen again, as it would have broken a thinner endmil, or seriously twisted the cnc.


I was reading about doing this. It seems that the current stays the same but you end up increasing the voltage, how much I’m not sure. But the key is that both steppers have to be pretty close to the same resistance/impedance if you will.

There is also another technique where you run the power for each stepper from 2 different drivers, but run the control of both steppers from a single driver to keep them in sync.

I was just reading this stuff in the last couple of days. It’s out there on the google somewhere :)…

Note that you get to a point where the stepper is just not strong enough. At that point, no fancy rearranging of the driver/stepper wiring will change the situation…

You could try swapping out your Z driver (swap polulos around) in place of one of the x or y drivers if you know in which direction the skipping occurs and see if it goes away. The same for steppers although a bit more work to swap these.